Are you curious about what it really takes to make a steady income from renting your pad on Airbnb?

Dear Airbnb Lister and Soon-To-Be Master of Your Own Financial Destiny,

"Do you sometimes dream about how your life would be different if you had enough money, didn't have a job, and were able to do whatever you wanted whenever you wanted?"

Many people do.

But the big problem is earning an income you can rely on and still being free to do what you want without being tied down to a "job".

Imagine this scenario just for a moment...

You have an Airbnb listing for your pad.

As an Airbnb Host you are offering short-term rentals of your pad, apartment or home; this means you rent it from 1, 2 or 3 nights a week or even as long as week or more. This is not a normal month to month rental agreement -- as your Airbnb daily rental fee is for a significantly higher daily income.

An Airbnb rental -- it's more like turning your pad into an overnight motel!

You'll earn a much higher level of rental earnings -- sometimes as high as some 4 or 5 Star Motels charge!

And because you know how to professionally list, setup, and handle your Airbnb listing and reservations your pad is constantly in demand and rented out!

Your Airbnb listing is getting a lot of attention, because your rental listing title, write up and professional photos are eye-catching and well-done. People contact you to rent it because you've priced it right, and have many of the amenities people are looking for in a nice short-term rental. This means...


Your Pad is in demand to be rented!

Through your Airbnb listing and consistently renting your apartment, you may have enough income from daily rentals to not worry about earning an income through a regular job if you so desire.

Because you may have a steady (and much higher) income from your Airbnb rentals -- then, you can more easily pay off your bills, buy something you've always wanted, or even salt some of that extra money away for a rainy-day or your future retirement!

Now you can do things you've always wanted to do!

Remember those dreams you had about traveling and seeing the world?

Get ready to realize your dreams of financial independence and explore the world!

Imagine your life changing as you...

Experience the thrill of exploring new countries, experiencing new and different cultures, visiting ancient ruins, seeing incredible historic monuments, famous buildings, world renowned cathedrals, and dazzling vistas, tasting new, exciting and flavorful foods and conversing with the indigenous people.

What would the sweet opportunity of becoming a carefree world traveler
really mean to you?

You may be thinking... All this sounds like an impossible dream. 

But actually its not.

Now what if... You could make a steady and reliable income from renting your living space or home?

And with this extra income...


You'd open a wide new world...

of exciting travel possibilities!  Picture this as your new life...

"Renting your pad for a steady and very high cash flow would allow you to finally feel free enough to quit your job and happily kiss the "9-to-5 grind goodbye!"

And what if...

"You had a rock-solid proven plan, a guidebook if you will, so you could do it  -- without the endless frustration, and self-doubting anxiety of "I know this can't possibly work for me"...(that's the negative thought which has prevented you from checking this out in the past?)

Wouldn't you rather take the time to read this whole page to check this out?

Because you may be thinking to yourself, that even the possibility of this idea working out for you could bust wide open the doors to -- a life filled with incredible adventures!

"Wouldn't you kick yourself if you don't take a leap of faith and see for yourself if there is any possibility at all, you could live this fantasy life you've always wanted?"


Renting Your Pad could literally...

...change your life. It did ours. We've broken the chains and slipped the shackles of our old "9-to-5 lives"!

We've been living the incredible life of world travelers for the past three years!

We know it sounds incredible. But we did it and we're here to show you how! We'll tell you exactly what to do, how to do it and when, so you can earn extra money renting out your apartment or home.

Hi, our names are Jasper Ribbers and Huzefa Kapadia.

We are two expert Airbnb Hosts and right on this page we'll be revealing out "proven short-term rental hosting secrets" on how to properly list your pad/apt/home for rent.

You'll even get all our slick tricks for optimizing the listing, taking photos, how to clean and setup your pad! Its all covered from A to Z inside a complete Airbnb program custom tailored to make your new Airbnb listing a huge success!

We created a step-by-step Host Plan for getting your pad ready to rent and securing reliable bookings and earning a steady (and high) income on Airbnb!

Many of our friends look at us in awe, wishing that they could have the wonderful and carefree existence that we enjoy. You know what I tell them? You can.


Airbnb and the new opportunities...

The key catalyst in this voyage has been Airbnb

It bridged the gap from our former lives as a trader and as an attorney to our current life as world travelers. If it were not for this wondrous invention, we would likely have been forced back into a corporate straight jacket a year or two ago.

But now we both have security.

We have a consistent revenue stream that allows us to remain in this fairytale like existence. In short, we live the life of a modern day, Peter Pan. The world is our Never-Never Land, Airbnb is our pixie dust, and our entire lives are happy and filled with exciting adventures -- which are more exciting in real life than our dreams.

So how do you get started and what do you need to know?

Right now you have the opportunity to experience for yourself a world you've only dreamed of. We're here to help get your Airbnb listing done right, learn now to be a superior Host so you can start making short-term rental income. Then you can cut free and start living your own dreams.

Why focus on world travel?

Well, while the enthusiasm for international travel has grown, there has been a simultaneous tightening of pockets. Translation: people want to travel on the cheap.

This is quite a conundrum, isn’t it? With exorbitantly high airline prices, expensive intra-city transportation, and costly big city restaurants, bargain traveling can be as elusive as the fantastical Lochness monster.

That's where we come in.


This is where Airbnb shines...

What is Airbnb?

Airbnb is a massive network of owners and guests that only seems to be growing bigger as the economy continues to tank and spendable income continues to shrink.

As of 2014, Airbnb has hosted over 10 million guest stays at more than 550,000 properties across 175 countries and 26,000 cities. Over 6 million guest stays in 2013, more than double the total in 2012. Of these 6 million stays, only 1/3 were within the United States. The remainder was spread across the globe, further supporting the fact that Airbnb has a substantial international presence that is only getting stronger.

Now is the perfect time to take advantage of this incredible opportunity.

But first you may be wondering... Why would a person want to rent a short-stay room or house or apartment?

People who want to travel face high expenses for air fare meals and lodging.

Your Airbnb listing is a less expensive option than even renting a cheaper 3 star hotel! Costs of renting from an short-stay rental versus a 3 star hotel or motel can save hundreds if not thousands on a vacation!


So how do short-stay rentals work?

So what exactly are short-stay or short-term rentals?

Short-stay rentals (also called short-term rentals) are private homes that are subleased by owners directly to consumers. Instead of a homeowner offering a typical long-term lease (like six months or a year), an owner can lease out his apartment/pad/home for a few days or weeks similar to a hotel or hostel.

Prices for short-term rentals are inexpensive compared to hotels and motels. This is because these units are coming direct from owners and do not require the same maintenance and upkeep costs (such as employing an extensive management staff and housing expensive facilities such as restaurants). This means smart travelers, like Joe, can nab a terrific accommodation for a fraction of the price!

As an Airbnb host, Jasper has made substantially more income than his previous fixed term lease. How much more? Between 2 and 3 times more!

Figure it this way....

For a regular rental you may be able to charge $33 a day for a $1,000 a month fixed term rental.

Compare that to...

The significantly higher rental income of $50 to $100 a day (or more for an in demand rental location) which can net you $1,500 to $3000 a month!


My Own Personal Success With Airbnb.

Want more proof?

Here's my own personal history of my success with Airbnb renting my apartment!

First see my rental income increasing month by month.


Almost 100% Booking On Airbnb.

Next, is an image of my rental calendar showing I am almost 100% booked up!

And finally, my honest (and verifiable) income from my Airbnb rental listing for my first year of short-term rentals!


My Airbnb Rental Income.

But remember the way I was able to be almost 100% booked with this phenomenal income is: I followed what I have found and proven to work to maximize my listing exposure, do the right things at the right times to get superior 5 star reviews!


My Airbnb Reviews.

Check those out below!

Right now the problem is...

I'm sure you're thinking you are really impressed and admire what I've accomplished.

Well, that's all great for you, but how does a person get started doing this?



"Get Paid For Your Pad:

How to Maximize Profit From
Your Airbnb Listing!"


This is NOT your ordinary run-of-the-mill program to optimize your Airbnb Listing.

Find out how to learn everything you need to know to setup the listing, write the content, price your pad, and secure profitable short-term rentals for maximum profit!

This comprehensive program covers everything you need to know about how to create a killer listing, write the content, do photos, price your pad/apartment/home, how to accept bookings, do check-ins and check-outs, reviews -- nothing is left to chance.

Here's what we cover in the depth and in great detail in the program.

* Preparing your pad/apartment/house - (Making your rental guest friendly...)

* Making your pad presentable - (What to be sure and do to impress...)

* Cleaning and Housekeeping - (Cleaning costs and cleaning duties...)

* Going the extra mile - (Nice touches & treats that make a difference...)

* A Killer Airbnb Listing - (How to get your listing to stand out from the competition...)

* Airbnb Listing Tips - (Titles/Pictures/Write Ups all covered in detail...)

* Monitoring Your Listing - (How you should be contacted & what to do...)

* Pricing Your Listing - (Rental prices and seasonal variations to maximize income...)

* Pricing Strategies - (Use to maximize your number of nights rented...)

* Number of Nights - (Rental minimum and maximum night listings...)

* Cancellation policy - (Cancellation rules and refunds...)

* Your Pad Rules - (Creating your own guide for short-term renters...)

* Providing Access - (How to handle check-in and check-outs & times...)

* Extra Charges - (Cleaning charges and security deposits...)

* Pre-Booking Contacts - (How to contact and stay in touch with guests)

* Post-Booking Contacts - (How to say thank you & get good reviews...)

* Guest Problems - (Dealing with broken items, and damaged items...)

* Conflict Resolution - (Guests who want to leave & issuing refunds...)

* Accepting Bookings - (How to choose guests and review them...)

* Airbnb Host Guarantee - (Guarantee to protect your home from damage...)

* Smoking or Drinking - (How you set the rules when accepting guests...)

* Airbnb Listing Ranking - (How the Airbnb ranking system works...)


We take all the guesswork out of making your Airbnb Listing a HUGE Success!


How To Use Local Events To Boost Bookings.

We reveal how we use local and popular events to "make our listings more popular and in demand" so your listing shows at the top of Airbnb's directory!

You get everything you need to know so you can rent out your pad in order to earn a high level of income. Soon you'll feel confident enough with your new income levels you can be financially free so you can (quit your job if you want to) and do what you've always wanted to do!

This book has been written for two groups of people:

1. Current Airbnb hosts who want to improve their earnings

2. Property owners who are short-stay rental novices

For current hosts:

We want to give you the keys to the kingdom and securing more income with a steady flow of bookings. We aim to provide you with a comprehensive toolkit so that you will be empowered to get your listing firing on all cylinders -- and start living your dream life.

Your goal should be to become the best host possible and do the best listing you can to attract the type of guests you want to rent to. This will in turn mean that your search rank will be extremely high within your neighborhood, your price will be maximized, and your listing will attract the highest quality guests available.

For new hosts:

We seek to open your eyes to the endless possibilities and how to minimize the risks and complexity of managing streams of visitors. Hosts have complete control over what guests they take in, and how much risk they take on.

Renting to a single person for an entire year might seem vastly simpler, but once the basic logistics are arranged, the process of short-term stays is not that time intensive.

You may concerned about getting rentals and want to ask us questions about....


How Do I Get Someone To Rent My Pad?

If you are wondering about this and setting up your short-stay room/pad/apt or home as a rental; and how to make your pad become a highly sought after and "in demand rental" -- we cover all that inside the program.


To be honest, we want this program to transform you into a super amped ultra host. For when you are9know how to be) a professional host, you can handle your rentals with ease.

Why? Because the integral catalyst for augmenting your rental income is the quality of service you provide.

In the short-stay rental business, customer service and overall quality reign supreme. This guide book is not about tricks or tactics; it is about (1) creating an awesome product, (2) spreading the word about your amazing property, (3) and making your guests feel welcomed and comfortable.

We Cover Everything You Need To Know...

Not only do you get the complete program, but we give you private access to us via email and online coaching to be sure you get all those critical answers to those important questions new Airbnb Hosts ask.

We even cover many things you never thought to ask!

Like: how to charge and how much to charge for each extra guest, and many more answers to hosting questions you'll discover when you buy the program!

Plus, our private hosting tips for charging for security and cleaning deposits are described in detail; and we give you common sense advise for what to do for any extra charges that may come up.

Not sure about how many times you should contact a guest?

We give you our own suggestions for how to contact a guest before, during and after a rental with sample texts included getting you off to a good start.

In short, the only recipe for success is being the best host you can be.


Guest Satisfaction is Critical...

Remember... Your host reviews and feedback are the key elements which will make guests want to rent from you!


There are several key factors for your reviews and feedback which you need to address and be concerned with when you are handling your bookings and working with your guests.


Accuracy is just one of them and we cover all 6 of Airbnb's Guest Satisfaction ratings in the book.


We will show you our own methods for how to ensure you gain high ratings and even what to do with a guest who contacts you and is unhappy with your rental.

NOTE: There will probably be times you get a bad review and we cover how to handle those reviews in your responses to your feedback to help alleviate the damage the bad review does to your rating.


What To Do When A Problem Occurs...

Find out what to do about it to quickly fix the problem and get good feedback!

(We cover how to fix several problems with rentals in depth inside the book).



Slick Tricks For Staying In Touch...


And we even cover how to stay in touch with your Airbnb listing with this handy app and include sample contacts to show you what to say and when to say it!



Everything You Need To Know From A to Z...


Wondering about how to set up your reservations?

One of the hardest things to do is figure out a good sequence on how to handle your rentals. We will help you to know exactly what to do and when to do it so you can easily handle your first reservations and make sure you do not skip or miss anything or make any mistakes.

We want you to feel confident on how to deal with new guests and their contacts, so we cover how to do a background check on your new guests and determine to rent to a new guest or not.

Not only that, but we cover how to set up your own security deposit policy and how much.

We know you may be concerned about guest damage and how to handle any damage claims. So we have a complete section on all these items and how to use Airbnb's damage insurance if needed.


Dealing With Cancellations...


Worried about how to handle guest cancellations and refunds?

We describe in detail how to use Airbnb's 5 Cancellation Policies so you can select the one that matches your needs the best. We cover them all from flexible to strict and the pros and cons of each one.

We cover how to set up your own refund policy so you can take the guess work out of how to handle a refund so it is a snap! A professional host will use a custom made program to ensure your guests know what is expected of them and how to use the amenities of your pad.

So with that in mind, we have created a whole section on how to create a professional guestbook to cover which helps give a creative touch and flair to your listing. Inside the program you want to cover (1) instructions on where to find appliances and knickknacks in your house, (2) neighborhood preferences, (3) favorite local afternoon activities, and (4) special nightlife hotspots.


Your Own Rental Guidebook Tips...


We cover suggestions for what should be included in your guidebook too.


Having a custom guidebook will set your rental a cut above the rest.

Now you are excited about this, aren't you?

You may be wondering how well this has worked for other people just like you...


Read the real results from REAL People who have already used this program to offer short-term rentals and the income they created by becoming Airbnb Hosts!


I recommend it to anyone out there who is looking to start an Airbnb business...

"I’ve been working in San Francisco for several years as a data analytics expert. As you probably know, renting an apartment in SF is no picnic. Prices are exorbitantly high, which eventually took quite a toll on my wallet. I wanted to come up with some new ways to generate alternative revenue streams, and creating a listing on Airbnb seemed perfect. I was already traveling a great deal for work, so why not rent out my apartment while I was away?

When I first created my listing, my rental income was poor. I was having trouble securing guests, and the money was barely worth the added effort. I eventually gave up. But after a few months, I came across Get Paid For Your Pad. The book is chalk full of amazing ideas and tips on how to make the most from am Airbnb listing.

After implementing a majority of the suggestions, I was pleased to see that my listing finally began getting some traction. Today, I have a healthy stream of customers and a fairly self-automated side business. When I’m out of town for a week or two, I am usually able to pay for my entire rent from Airbnb profits. It’s amazing! The book was truly eye opening, and I recommend it to anyone out there who is looking to start an Airbnb business."

~ Michael Housman


Get Paid For Your Pad is that it tells you what to during every single part of the process...

"I moved to New York City in 2010 to practice corporate law.

I eventually bought a condo in the Hells Kitchen neighborhood of Manhattan. I love the place, and really enjoy my location. I eventually decided that I wanted to rent it out in the short-stay rental marketplace, but had no idea on how to proceed.

A friend of mine recommended Get Paid For Your Pad, and I decided to check it out.

Two weeks after finishing the book, I had a fully functional listing that was already attracting guests. The nice thing about Get Paid For Your Pad is that it tells you what to during every single part of the process. And, not only does it tell you what to do, but how to do it in the absolutely best way possible."

~ Michael Saliba


It gave me all the information I needed in a clear and understandable fashion...

"I used to be a medical professional aboard cargo ships.
This type of work required me to be out of town for the majority of the year. My house in British Columbia was simply sitting idle as I toiled away. So, I first decided to rent out some of the bedrooms on a fixed term basis. It was tough to find
roommates, but I managed to find a few over the years.

I then heard about the growing short-term rental market, and in particular, Airbnb. I grabbed a copy of Get Paid For Your Pad and read through it a few times. I opened the Airbnb website, signed up, and built my first listing. Suddenly, my entire life changed. Firstly, I was making way more money than I netted from fixed term-leases. I used to charge $600 per month per bedroom; my bedrooms started bringing in $600 per week! Additionally, I now had a reason to travel. I could rent out my room while away and essentially have a paid vacation for almost no additional effort.

But that’s only the tip of the iceberg. My Airbnb business has become so successful that I’m now in the process of buying my second home. To top it off, I have quit my job as a medical professional because I no longer need that piece of income. Suffice it to say, my life has been truly transformed. I certainly owe my success to Get Paid For Your Pad. It gave me all the information I needed in a clear and understandable fashion. It is the best book on the market by far."

Kris Hawkins


We now pay our mortgage each month directly from our Airbnb listing...

"My wife and I live in a three-bedroom condominium in Chicago. Since we have no kids, we decided to try and make some money from our vacant bedrooms. Getting a roommate, however, was not an attractive option. We didn’t want to have to share our lives with someone on a full-time basis. Instead, we opted to rent our apartment on a short-term basis to vacationers and visitors.

We knew Airbnb was the best website around, so we created a listing there. But we were having trouble early on finding guests and maximizing our renting price. We felt lost. But after reading Get Paid For Your Pad, we knew every nuance to the Airbnb game. We gained valuable insight on how to be an awesome host, how to build an amazing listing, and how to climb the search rankings. We now pay our mortgage each month directly from our Airbnb listing. This basically means that we have our condo for free! What’s even better is we love having guests. They are always super friendly and in good spirits (as are most people on vacation). It’s been a wonderful experience, and we have Get Paid For Your Pad to thank."



For those of you who want to turn this business into a true boon, this is the resource that is an absolute “must.” "

"As an entrepreneur and author, I am constantly on the road. I spend a great deal of time abroad in Asia and Europe promoting my various businesses. As a result, my apartment in California is often unoccupied. Once I recognized that my apartment was essentially going to waste, I decided to enter the Airbnb market.

After tinkering around with the site’s features, I started to realize that making a successful listing was more complicated than I had first thought. So, I scoured the internet for good books. I read everything I could find and learned a great deal. But the one book that truly gave me the most valuable insight into making money was Get Paid For Your Pad. This book has way more information than anything else on the market. For those of you who want to turn this business into a true boon, this is the resource that is an absolute “must.” "

~ Jesse Krieger







Airbnb Rentals Can Be Profitable...


It all boils down to this.


If you have a strong desire and the willpower to do what you have to in order to find the financial freedom you desire, then this program is for you.


Only $47

The Main Airbnb Listing Book and Host Guidebook are in PDF format 
and can be read on any computer. The Bonuses for Coaching
With The Authors and the
FREE Enrollment into the
Airbnb Academy Facebook Group and instructions are
delivered via PDF and email and by joining the Facebook Group.

Guaranteed to Give You 100% Satisfaction

And that's not all to ensure your complete satisfaction...

If this program doesn't allow you to feel confident doing short-term rentals we guarantee to give you a 100% refund!



You have a choice in life.

You can keep doing what you have been doing, which guarantees you will get what you have always gotten. Or you can do it differently and get all the things you've ever wanted and try doing a short-term rental and see how it works for you.

If you've been dreaming of more excitement and a change of scenery then this might just be the right ticket for you!


Just be willing to give it a try.

We're so confident of this that, when you purchase this program -- at the discounted price of $47.00 -- you also receive a 100% 60-day money-back guarantee!

You read it right... If you try this program and it doesn't work for you within 60 days, just send it back for a full refund of your investment.

No hassles. No questions asked.

And, if you buy now, I'll also give you a special bonuses -- yours absolutely FREE!


If you're ready to learn how to "Get Paid 4 Your Pad" then give this program a try... because its 100% risk-free!


Do you want to look back on your life and realize you missed opportunities to get what you wanted because you were too chicken (or unmotivated) to try this?

Of course not!


Your opportunity to pay off those bills with your extra short-term rental money and become financially independent (you could be a world traveler if you want)  is right here waiting for you!

We guarantee that if you try this program you'll be able to do short-term rentals with just what you will learn and we guarantee it in writing.


And that's not all...


In order to ensure your complete success we've created several special bonuses to help you become the Ultimate Airbnb Host.


With the bonuses you will get access to our private email and Facebook group!


Here we will coach you, answering your questions via email, and inside the private Facebook group!


Your Fast Action Bonuses!



Bonus # 1:

The Ultimate Host Guidebook


This first special bonus shows you how to design a “guidebook” for your apartment or home listing – highlighting local attractions, restaurants and tourist activities, The Ultimate Host Guidebook gives you the expert level tools to offer a 5-star experience to your guests.


Plus you'll receive the same guidebook the authors send to every guest. It is always very well received and Jasper gets a lot of positive feedback from his guests. It's a very value asset that improves the guest experience, even before the guest has arrived. This in turn will contribute to more positive reviews. The Ultimate Host Guidebook is meant to serve as an example or template for hosts who also want to go the extra mile for their guests.

Bonus # 2:

Live Coaching With The Authors


We will conduct live coaching opportunities for our members to interact directly with the authors, ask questions about their listings and get the latest best-practices for optimizing their Airbnb listing. We will provide live training from the authors of Get Paid For Your Pad Program on how to optimize your listing, increase your revenue, and improve your guest’s experience.



Bonus # 3:

FREE Enrollment into the Airbnb Academy Facebook Group


Airbnb Academy Facebook Group is a social platform where tips and experiences will be shared on a regular basis. Members will not only be able to post questions to us, but they will be able to talk amongst themselves and share stories and experiences about hosting on Airbnb.


It's the most exclusive online Airbnb community to learn best practices from successful Airbnb hosts around the world.








Still not
sure if this could work for you to help you earn the extra income you need? 


Just try it.


Join the hundreds who have given the

"Get Paid For Your Pad" program a try...
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Do you want to look back on your life and realize you missed opportunities to get what you wanted because you let this opportunity pass you by?

Of course not! And it's not too late to learn how to use Airbnb to list your pad to earn extra cash.


And who doesn't need more cash these days?

We guarantee that if you try it you will see positive results and you will learn how to be an Airbnb Host with class!


Not sure if you can learn enough about short-term rentals to do this?

We don't care who you are or what you do for a living. Whether you're slogging your way through a mountain of debt, or raking in a whopping six-figure income, or want to quit working on a job you hate... this complete short-term Airbnb Rental program can help you.

No matter what your dreams we can help you realize new and exciting opportunities by renting your pad for profit.


And we're sure after you've cashed your first booking payment, you'll certainly believe us!


Discover the little known secrets from two expert Airbnb Hosts for how to properly list your pad for rent.


Read all about the inside tips and tricks to optimizing the listing!


Find out what's inside the complete A to Z Airbnb "Get Paid For Your Pad" program for getting your pad ready to rent and catching the eye of renters and securing reliable bookings on Airbnb!


You get started with the program and getting your first booking listing up in just minutes from now!


Try This And Get Your New Airbnb Listing Up!


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The Main Airbnb Listing Book and Host Guidebook are in PDF format 
and can be read on any computer. The Bonuses for Coaching
With The Authors and the
FREE Enrollment into the
Airbnb Academy Facebook Group and instructions are
delivered via PDF and email and by joining the Facebook Group.


Yes! I want to be able to

get paid for renting out my pad!



I'm ready to discover your secrets to earning more income through short-term stays!


Yes, I'm ready to discover how to take advantage of this incredible opportunity!

 I know by following your expert instructions you'll give me everything I need to know from A to Z on how to set up my pad for guests and become an expert Airbnb Host.

 I have seen the generous 60 day risk-free guarantee and want to try out the "Get Paid For Your Pad" program for 60 days to make sure it is for me.

 When I order today I will also receive the three extra bonuses which work with the "Get Paid For Your Pad" Program for free!

 I only need to invest $47.00 and I want to get the '"Get Paid For Your Pad" program and all the extra bonuses.

That's a very generous offer so on that basis here's my $47.

Only $47

The Main Airbnb Listing Book and Host Guidebook are in PDF format 
and can be read on any computer. The Bonuses for Coaching
With The Authors and the
FREE Enrollment into the
Airbnb Academy Facebook Group and instructions are
delivered via PDF and email and by joining the Facebook Group.




Here’s to discovering the extra income which is possible with short-term rentals of your pad, apartment or home!

Get ready to enjoy your new found income and freedom!

Jasper Ribbers and Huzefa Kapadia

Jasper Ribbers and Huzefa Kapadia

P.S. Remember you can get your own copy of the 
"Get Paid For Your Pad" program at the special price of just $47.00!

Want more proof? We've compiled additional case studies which are inside the book from average people who have transformed their lives and now live their lives with more freedom and security by using their pad/apt/home as a short-term rental.  Just try it, you'll be glad you did!



  About the Authors  

Jasper Ribbers
is a former arbitrage trader who now travels full time while running a collection of online businesses from his laptop. He is an avid host on Airbnb, and has consulted numerous individuals on their property listings. He shares his life with the world through his blog, The Traveling Dutchman.

After receiving his master's degree in econometrics from the University of Groningen, he worked for a trading firm in Amsterdam, Antwerp and Chicago. When not on the road, Jasper is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Huzefa Kapadia
is an attorney turned entrepreneur and travel aficionado. He is the owner and founder of Scalar Learning LLC, an educational services company that focuses on math tutoring and standardized test preparation. He received his B.S. in computer science and B.A. in economics from the University of Michigan, and earned his J.D. at Northwestern University.

He was a patent litigator for four years, specializing in software and hardware related technologies. He now splits his time between his budding business, various writing projects, and world travel. He lives in Los Angeles, California.



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